Attendance.Pro: Cloud-based Time & Attendance System

Time & Attendance System Overview

Attendance.Pro, as a Time & Attendance System, is a cloud-based professional online service to run your team and organization in real time and simple way.

Time & Attendance System allows you to do operation such as punch in/out and time management via any web-enabled device. It fully supports Mac OS X, Windows/Linux PCs and Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone mobile devices. Thus enabling you to record, manage and check your team or organization members' attendance information.

Time & Attendance System supports multilanguage and multi time zone. Globalization time & attendance system makes it possible to support punch in/out and time management at different offices, countries and even time zones.

Time & Attendance System Features

  • Responsive design, supports any web-enabled device such as PC, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Multilanguage supported, supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English
  • Intelligent analyze the punch in/out location
  • Flexible time management, capable to set the punch in/out and lunch break time flexibly.
  • One-click register, fill in brief information to register and attend the organization via sending out waves of emails
  • Customized statistics, you can check the attendance information by week, month or year
  • Strict safety mechanism, any modification of the punch in/out record will be documented.
  • Punch out automatically, enable you to set the working hours when you forgot to punch out
  • Permanent free

Time & Attendance System Usage Method

The first step - Register a user

Fill in your information on page and click on "Sign up for free ", then you have finished the register.

The second step - Create an organization

After you registered successfully, click on the tab "Create an Organization", input the name of your organization, click on the button "Create an Organization", then you finished creating the organization.

The third step - Send invitation emails to other users

Cick on the "Organization" navigation item and the "members" tab, input one or more email address in "Input email address to send out register invitation, press 'enter' to input the next", click on the "send invitation", then the invitation emails are sent out successfully.

The fourth step - Register and join in the organization via invitation email

Log in your email and click on the "click on the following link to activate your account", fill in the information on the page, click on "Register", and you have joined the organization successfully.

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